Everything you need to know about LTL eCommerce is right here. Browse our library of resources below to learn more. Want to catch a webinar? All upcoming webinars can be found here.

What is LTL eCommerce?

Take a couple minutes to watch and learn what Kuehne+Nagel's LTL eCommerce solutions are and how they can help you.

LTL Marketplace Trends

Watch the webinar "My Kingdom for Capacity – Trends in the LTL Marketplace"

Provide parcel-like shipping for LTL

Watch the webinar "How heavy freight shippers can deliver a parcel-like experience"

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Learn how optimizing your e-Commerce checkout experience can translate into more conversions.

Go digital and grow

Watch the webinar "Ditch the Paperwork: Digitizing you Bill of Lading and Freight Tenderings"

Explained: What is an API?

Many in LTL transportation are developing and consuming APIs for various supply chain functions. So, what is it?

How to improve customer service

To keep customers satisfied, online retailers should provide ease, transparency and accurate shipping rates. Learn how.

Fixing something? Look inside first.

Learn how an operational analysis resulted in record sales and industry-leading eCommerce logistics for our customer.

An intro to LTL eCommerce

Learn the basics of our custom heavy-freight eCommerce solutions, and see if this is a good match for your specific needs.

How can LTL eCommerce help?

Need to integrate shipping costs in your online store? Want to streamline eCommerce operations. Learn how we can help.

Why the right LTL partner is critical

Working with the right LTL shipping partner will deliver countless benefits — not only to shippers but to their customers as well.

Modernize heavy-freight processes

Watch the webinar "No longer the afterthought: eCommerce strategies for heavy freight"

Enhance your product libraries

Watch the webinar "What's in stock? Parcel expectations for heavy freight product libraries".

Carrier and LTL market challenges

Listen to the podcast "The Intersection of eCommerce and LTL Freight", hosted by Jetrails.

Streamline  with API integrations

Watch the webinar "There's an API for that: How integrations can streamline your LTL supply chain"

Kevin Brink

Vice President, Sales

Kevin has served the customers of Kuehne+Nagel for more than 15 years, and lives and breathes heavy-freight eCommerce logistics. He and his team will be happy to speak with you regarding any questions you may have. Click on the button below to reach out with an inquiry, and we will be in touch very shortly.