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LTL eCommerce Shipping Solutions Customer Service

To keep heavy-freight customers satisfied, online retailers should provide ease, transparency and accurate LTL eCommerce shipping rates. Learn how.

“Thank you for your inquiry. Someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours to provide you with your shipping quote.”

If you sell heavy commodities online, you probably don't want to send this message to your prospective customers, especially today. Buyers are increasingly expecting small parcel-like eCommerce experiences, and will happily seek out alternatives if they receive anything less.

In fact, according to a 2019 checkout study compiled by the Baymard Institute, an independent web UX research organization, 21% of U.S. shoppers abandoned an online order solely because the checkout process was too long or complicated. 

This is why, if you sell heavy commodities online, you should keep customer satisfaction levels high by...

  • Having accurate LTL shipping rates readily available
  • Providing detailed tracking information
  • And offering additional solutions that make checkout seamless and simple

“One-click purchasing,” “Next-day delivery,” “Buy now.”

Easy and fast is the name of the game when it comes to LTL eCommerce. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, the world's largest retail trade organization, 42% of retailers say faster delivery of online orders is their top customer-facing priority.

Big-box retailers are taking drastic measures to improve eCommerce shipping by converting their physical stores into fulfillment centers in order to hasten delivery times. Despite that, there are still many businesses that have yet to invest in the solutions and technology required to meet their customers’ “need-it-now” expectations.

This is because most businesses don't have the resources of global brands. However, there are small adjustments all businesses can make to simplify the heavy-freight online purchasing process.

Your heavy-freight customers are demanding transparency and ease

Shipping Rates

Customers want to know the exact shipping cost of their heavy-freight items prior to checkout. There are a variety of LTL strategies you can employ to ensure accurate information appears in their online shopping cart. You could…

  • Offer “free” shipping to customers who reach or exceed a specific dollar amount
  • Integrate logistics shipping software into your shopping cart that automatically displays accurate pricing at checkout
  • Partner with a software-as-a-service (SAAS) provider that specializes in storefront optimization, and set up an online store that allows you to fully control the checkout and post-purchase experiences of your heavy-freight customers

No matter which method you choose, providing LTL shipping costs upfront is a surefire way to improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Delivery information, times, and meeting expectations

In addition to knowing shipping costs, your customers want to know when items will arrive, and everything about the delivery of their goods. Setting and managing expectations is paramount to creating an enjoyable buying experience. Meet, and even exceed these expectations, by making sure you...

  • Know the lead and transit times, and pass this information on to your heavy-freight customers
  • Offer them a way to fully track their purchases
  • Make LTL shipment information readily available, letting them know how LTL is different from small parcel
  • Understand the important details that may affect the final delivery – i.e. is any additional equipment (like a liftgate) required?

Late or refused deliveries, inaccurate costs, or even damaged goods can all result from a lack of information. As a seller of heavy goods online, it's your responsibility to help customers understand the nuances of their LTL shipment. A great third party logistics provider (3PL) is the perfect resource for this information. They will take the time to understand the nature of your deliveries and provide detailed information that you can pass on to your customers.


However you look at it, successful heavy-freight LTL eCommerce experiences rely on transparency, ease and speed. And there are many LTL strategies you can employ to improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about optimizing the heavy-freight checkout process on your website?  Read more about Kuehne+Nagel’s LTL eCommerce solutions today.

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