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Back Order Management for International Supply Chains

Manage both the reward and the risk of global sourcing and manufacturing with a synchronised supply chain.

Managing supply chains across international borders can be complicated and time-consuming. You want a logistics partner with an eye for detail who ensures your products travel seamlessly to worldwide markets. Our expert teams simplify the complexity in your supply chain with scalable solutions that streamline fulfillment.  

No matter the size of your company, if you work in global sourcing, manufacturing or distribution, we can help. KN International Supply Chain is our end-to-end process management service that lets your supply chain evolve with your needs. Optimize the availability of your products so they reach the market quickly and in full compliance with regulations.

Gain access to real-time data on inventory levels, outgoing orders, and product returns. With this information at your fingertips, your order management system can control costs, generate revenue, and drive customer satisfaction. Whether you have a standalone project or need a full review of your processes, our teams are ready to help.

Your benefits include:

  • Improve supplier and carrier compliance through standardized processes, scorecard reporting, and root cause analysis
  • Make use of our Order Management Platform KN ESP to increase product availability and customer service levels through enhanced supplier performance, optimal routing, and predictive arrival times:

  • Reduce your transport costs with better container usage and lead time management
  • Increase sales by improving product availability, customer satisfaction, and time to market
  • Gain peace of mind  through proactive disruption management that monitors your shipments in real-time and provides predictive arrival times

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