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Back Healthcare: for when it matters the most

Providing logistics solutions right across the healthcare industry for every phase in a product’s life cycle, delivering the products your patients need in the condition they deserve.

Our team of 4000+ industry experts worldwide is always ahead of the curve in terms of regulations, technology, and best practices.

You can trust us to provide you with cutting-edge healthcare logistics services built on industry leading, GxP compliant quality standards. Every one of our 240+ locations in 60+ countries operate to the same high standards, delivering your products to over 95% of the world’s population, prioritising product integrity, quality, and sustainable practices at every turn.

As a logistics partner active over the entire life cycle from R&D to end of product life, we, together with QuickSTAT, a Kuehne+Nagel company, are uniquely positioned to enable an acceleration of time to market, meaning your patients benefit from your product’s life-saving or life-enhancing potential sooner.

Providing the right solution

Some products only need to be transported in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality standard to remain safe and usable for patients and customers, for these products we have designed the Kuehne+Nagel base service.

Healthcare products requiring GxP compliance are best shipped with our Healthcare Logistics core service which is certified by our HealthChain quality label which guarantees the compliance and safety measures necessary to maintain product integrity.

Our warehousing & distribution services are designed to help you manage your inventory and streamline your operations.

Benefit from logistics services built on quality

HealthChain: Kuehne+Nagel’s quality label

Your goods are handled exclusively within our HealthChain certified network operated by industry experts.

Value added services to enhance our core and base services

In addition to our core and base logistics services we offer value added services:

  • Proactive monitoring—IoT-enabled, 24/7 HyperCare in-transit proactive monitoring and intervention for your most critical shipments. 
  • In-transit security and risk management— when extra security beyond industry standards is needed, choose escorts, geo-fencing, high security locks, dual drivers or use of secure parking locations in Europe. 

  • Time critical—speed up your shipment with our dedicated express services and charters for land and air transportation.
  • Packaging—ensure that your shipment is adequately protected from damage and temperature, with our customisable passive and active packaging services.

Value added services to enhance our warehousing & distribution services

  • GMP manufacturing services—change of product configuration or secondary packaging level.

  • Serialisation—application of serial number according to applicable regulatory standards and market requirements as anti-counterfeiting measure. Track & trace of serial number information according to customer and regulatory requirements through all steps of the warehouse fulfilment value chain.

  • Returns management—receiving, inspecting, and sorting returned items in accordance with GxP standards. We manage the disposition of returned products, whether that involves disposal or the return of products to inventory, and provide detailed reporting and analytics.

Cross-docking and supply chain transportation

Cross-docking is a robust way to efficiently transport and consolidate shipments, reducing time spent in-transit, and as a result, speeding up the delivery of your healthcare products.

Relax knowing that your healthcare products are transported to the right place at the right time, in the right condition.​​​

No matter what you are shipping, safe and reliable, deliveries for:


Biopharma & vaccines

Medical devices and med tech

Animal health


Diagnostics and testing

No matter where along a product’s life cycle you operate—from product discovery to patent expiry—choose a partner you can rely on to consistently apply the highest GxP compliant quality standards.

Contact our Healthcare Logistics experts today to learn more about how Kuehne+Nagel can support you.

Because your patients rely on the effectiveness of your products, we ensure that quality is maintained for their entire journey, no matter where you are in the world".

Jon Chapman—VP Healthcare Services