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null eCommerce Logistics - The LTL eCommerce buyer’s experience

LTL eCommerce

Bring your heavy freight LTL eCommerce logistics into the future and make it as simple as small parcel.

LTL eCommerce logistics tools that future proof and simplify your heavy freight transport last mile.

What does this look like? By leveraging our API-integrated technologies, you're able to

  • Provide accurate LTL freight shipping costs at point of purchase
  • Enhance your procurement processes
  • Track shipments
  • Manage shipment documentation
  • Transform your processes from manual to digital, while maintaining native systems

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Infographic of the eCommerce buyer’s experience




  • Make purchase
    Customer places heavy-freight (>100 lbs).
  • Calculate costs
    Using an integrated API, Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce instantly provides a competitive shipping cost, sourced from multiple carriers. 
  • Check out
    Customer sees the total cost, completes their order and checks out.
  • Fulfil order
    eCommerce platform uses shipment data to fulfil order
  • Book shipment
    Merchant/Shipper uses this data to seamlessly book a shipment with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce.
  • Monitor shipment
    Kuehne+Nagel provides visibility of the shipment for both merchant and end customer.
  • Customer satisfaction
    The customer has a positive shopping experience, and the merchant avoids cart abandonment. 

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