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From dairy to leather goods and cosmetics, take the complexity out of your temperature-controlled shipments and ensure the quality of your product from origin point to final destination.

While shipping your temperature sensitive products, quality is paramount for maximum customer satisfaction. However, reefer shipments present a multitude of challenges, which can prove costly, including temperature deviations, lost goods, and lack of capacity.

This is where your dedicated Temperature Control Center comes in. They bring industry experience and know how to your operations, and partner with you to…

  • Minimize temperature deviations and enable quick decision making with sensors, real-time temperature data, automated deviation reports, and around-the-clock monitoring
  • Ensure your product arrives on time and in perfect condition with security measures, such as route planning and access to our risk-management portal
  • Protect the quality of your perishable goods from spoiling with certified staff and facilities
  • Secure capacity though extensive carrier partnerships, which provide all temperature options from low- to ambient-temp settings
  • Receive coverage for all of your cargo, no matter the value
  • Seamlessly execute your cross-border shipments

Interested in how your Temperature-Management Control Center can help you and your customers? Reach out below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Secure the quality of your temperature-controlled freight with a 3PL who offers:

  • Temperature sensors placed inside trailers
  • Automated temperature-deviation reports
  • Around-the-clock, in-transit monitoring
  • Proactive mitigation in an event of any deviation
  • 24/7 access to a risk-management portal and secure route optimization
  • Peace of mind knowing your cargo is in the hands of highly-vetted and qualified reefer carriers

The best way to secure temperature-controlled capacity is to hire a 3PL who can leverage their  extensive carrier partnerships. This will allow you to

  • scale up for peaks in demand
  • secure all temperature options, from low-temp to ambient
  • book both FTL and LTL temp-controlled shipments

In order to get coverage for high-value cargo, you need to book carriers who have high-liability coverage. However, if you still need a higher level of coverage, you may need to work with a cargo insurance company. Kuehne+Nagel offers increased levels of coverage through its insurance company Nacora

If you want to simplify the cross-border process, partner with a 3PL who will:

  • handle customs brokerage, duties, inspections, and all other cross-border requirements
  • serve customer needs from strategic border office and warehouse locations
  • provide ambient temperature shipping options for general perishables

In order to enhance the visibility of your temperature-controlled shipments, you should begin using a TMS, such as Kuehne+Nagel’s myKN. With a TMS, you will be able to track your shipments in real time, and monitor status and handoffs at the border.

In addition, if you partner with a 3PL to manage your reefer shipments, they will be able to monitor your shipments while in-transit and around the clock.