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Back Perishables logistics for foodstuffs

Keep your food fresh, safe and tasty by working with a cold chain specialist who understands the unique requirements of your perishable items.

Diversity is the spice of life. Every day we enjoy a range of delicious foods such as yoghurts, cheese, meats, chocolate and more. Foods such as these taste different, but share one thing in common: They require a high level of care and food safety measures when being stored and transported. Temperature deviations and cross-contamination can cause spoilage, creating unnecessary loss. 

Dedicated solutions for your foodstuffs

Demand for fine foods is growing, requiring sea and air freight transportation solutions enabling these foods to be eaten in every corner of the globe. At Kuehne+Nagel, our Perishables specialists understand the differences between the transportation needs of various foods and can customise a dedicated solution for every item. 

When you need advice, our teams can answer your questions. You can fully rely on our experience for questions regarding the handling of your product, the best route and carrier and any topics related to local and international regulations. For these foods, compliance is of the utmost importance, our strict temperature-controlled transportation and storage ensure your products stay fresh, tasty and arrive at their destination with their shelf life intact. 

Extend your shelf-life with:

  • Optimum transit times and transportation modes for maximum food protection
  • Specific product knowledge for foodstuffs 
  • Global network of certified hubs 
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Cold storage at various temperature levels
  • Storage facilities, including freezers
  • Handling in a temperature-controlled environment
  • X-ray screening
  • Active and passive temperature-controlled packaging specially developed for fine foodstuffs

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