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Back Shipping to Big Box Retailers - Road Solutions

Keep your product on the shelves and your customers happy. With specialized road solutions built to help you meet even the strictest retailer requirements, you will maintain on-time deliveries and your preferred vendor status.

This is where your dedicated Retail Control Center comes in. They bring industry experience and know-how to your operations, and partner with you to…Retailer requirements, seasonal peaks in demand, and lack of visibility over your routes and shipments create quite a challenge for a manager of transportation. Working with big box retailers requires the right experience and partnerships to ensure their satisfaction and reduce costs.

  • Minimize charge backs and maintain preferred vendor status by ensuring on-time deliveries
  • Meet peak season demands with added capacity via our preferred carrier network
  • Optimize your shipments with automated route optimization
  • Monitor your shipments with 24/7 access to our transportation management system 
  • Manage and optimize your partnerships

Interested in how your Retail Control Center can help you? Reach out below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

The most effective way to reduce retailer chargebacks is hire a 3PL that oversees:

  • Complete vendor routing guide compliance
  • Scheduling delivery times in advance
  • Shipment monitoring and proactive intervention
  • Setting up a TMS to increase visibility over your operations

In order to improve your on-time performance to retailers, you need to increase your operational and shipment visibility. An internal or 3PL-based retail control center can help by:

  • scheduling delivery times in advance
  • actively monitoring shipments
  • and setting up a TMS with predictive analysis and track-and-trace functions, notifications, and alerts

If your costs per unit are increasing, you should look at optimizing your freight routes and increasing your shipment visibility. A TMS is a necessary tool for this, providing the functionalities and visibility needed for improved route and shipment planning, and more informed decision making.

Meeting increased demand during peak seasons often requires a 3PL that can leverage their strong carrier partnerships to secure capacity. A 3PL can also thoroughly pre-plan for inventory flows to DCs in time for new product launches and provide real-time visibility.

The most effective way to secure additional capacity is to leverage a 3PL's carrier partnerships, and their ability to offer flexible pricing models.

You can increase your road shipment visibility by using a TMS that offers complete track-and-trace functionality, and working with a 3PL to monitor your shipments while in-transit and around the clock.