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Back Road Logistics for Industrial

The industrial sector is complex with a lot of moving parts. You have to stay ahead of the unexpected before it impacts your supply chain. We have solutions that prepare your business for those unforseen circumstances and minimize disruption.

Manufacturing supply chains have to be flexible to thrive in today’s marketplace. What might have worked in the past, no longer brings the same results.

With the help of our dedicated industrial team, you can explore ways to add value back into your supply chain. Monitor and increase minimum order quantities, reimagine how you manage raw materials, components, and spare parts, or simply adjust ordering patterns to establish reliable and cost efficient transit.

Develop contingency plans that secure your future business through integrated business solutions. Gain access to thousands of fully vetted carriers. You get customized reporting to monitor trends, exceptions and other KPIs that keep you on track. Take advantage of the latest technology and advanced visibility to implement changes that are effective for your bottom line.

Connect your entire company 

Larger industrial organizations are always searching for more insight to execute company-wide programs. Our innovative services let you identify gaps and streamline your supply chain. 

Find out what is working and where to scale best practices across the company. Tackle the redesign process at the unit level, but provide visibility, reporting and proof of concept to everyone as it is rolled out. See optimization and supply chain design strategies in practice, while considering changes in any single business unit.

Consolidate your buying power and maximize vendor partnerships so they work to your advantage. Kuehne+Nagel makes it easy for leaders to work from a single integrated platform and get the most from your volumes and spend.


When you efficiently route orders and minimize the number of shipments, it takes miles off the road. Choose transportation options that sustainably reduce costs while increasing your service levels. 

We provide tangible numbers for CO2 reduction—data that is reportable to shareholders and the entire C-suite. Whether you need carbon footprint KPIs or impact studies, our experts work with you to develop information that meets your objectives.

Industry 4.0

As the latest industrial revolution focuses on interconnectivity, automation and data, businesses are changing how they operate and grow. The most common challenge is the need for real-time insights across processes, partners, products, and people. 

Supply chain visibility and exception management have become essential for early engagement of alternative methods. From sales to procurement to the assembly line, integration of multiple ERPs is key. We customize the type of information you receive so you can manage every touchpoint effectively—before disruptions turn into delays.

Industry 4.0 is here. Our logistics solutions for customers need to meet the future, right now.

Josh Jacobi, Director of Business Development - Road Logistics