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Back Road Logistics for High-tech

An ever-shifting demand for high-tech brings new opportunities—and new challenges. Build a more resilient strategy that delivers on your next innovation.

Behind every shipment is an intricate framework that runs from production lines to distribution to the customer. As the lifecycle for consumer electronics becomes shorter, missing even a single delivery window is not an option.

Overcome supply challenges with more secure shipping, increased visibility and special services that keep you on the road to success.

Safeguarding every truckload

When transporting electronics by road, keeping the cargo secure is your top priority. Since items like smartphones, tablets and laptops prone to theft, you want a trusted logistics partner with solid supply chain credentials. 

Kuehne+Nagel starts with a foundation of fully vetted, pre-approved carriers who have industry-specific knowledge. With the right combination of planning, processes and monitoring, your high-value shipments always receive the best care while in transit.

Any plan for safer shipping begins with the lead deterrent factor—speed. By minimizing transport time, opportunities for theft and other breaches are reduced. Choosing expedited services or direct routes can also ensure your cargo has fewer touchpoints and less dwell time—two of the most susceptible areas. 

For ultra-secure shipments, choose services that help you achieve optimal monitoring:  

  • Team driver assignments 
  • Satellite tracked equipment and vehicles 
  • Special delivery services such as white glove, door-to-door, and inside door/room 
  • 24/7 surveillance 

The visibility journey 

Transparency is key for unlocking road transportation efficiency and mitigating risk. Knowing precisely where your freight is—warehouse, store shelf, or on the customer’s doorstep—is indispensable.

With our online portal, you get real-time visibility from vendor sourcing to final delivery. Your personalized dashboard lets you track time-sensitive shipments, check climate conditions that might affect scheduling, or view predictive delivery estimates.

Visibility doesn’t end after cargo reaches its destination. If you have to meet strict KPIs, the more data you collect, the more accurate the results. Customizable reporting collates the information you need to analyze supply chain effectiveness and implement optimization strategies.

White glove services as unique as your customers

Not all shipments are considered business as usual. When sensitive or high-value products need a special level of care, white glove services offer that extra attention to detail. Freight is handled by trained professionals for a tailored experience that includes:

  • Commercial and residential deliveries
  • Transportation coordination with scheduled delivery appointments
  • Threshold or inside delivery options, including up flights of stairs
  • Loading/unloading from ground level to upper floors
  • Products are properly wrapped, secured and transported
  • Unpacking, light assembly and packing material removal 

Expedited and on-time

Unexpected transportation disruptions can have repercussions across your entire supply chain. For every minute of delay, costs add up. Time-critical services let you manage tight delivery windows with shipment-specific customization for safety and security, special handling and direct routes. 

Stay on top of unpredictable events with status updates during the journey and be assured that shipments arrive safely and on schedule. Whether you need sprinter, cargo van, or straight truck options, our broad carrier network has you covered.

The high-tech industry moves fast. We stay nimble to get customers’ products into the marketplace as planned.

Alex Mansolino, Director Key Account Business Development - Road Logistics