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Back Road Logistics for Consumer

From restocking regular items to launching new products, each shipment comes with unique challenges. Revitalize your speed to market advantage with the right road strategy.

A roadmap to higher performance

As implementation timelines shrink and consumer tastes change, goods have to get to market faster than ever before. Being able to adapt quickly is pivotal. When your customers want increased product availability, but have strict delivery requirements—you need a road transportation strategy that meets the moment.

Even with short lead times, you can rely on Kuehne+Nagel’s large network of preferred carriers to keep your supply chain on track. Wherever your cargo travels, our pool of fully vetted national, regional and niche providers deliver. 

Whether you have regular shipments, seasonal peaks or new product rollouts, our team of road specialists offer the capacity, service level, and price point you want.

Measuring up 

OTIF (On-Time In-Full) is the main metric in the consumer goods supply chain and measures the ability to fulfill delivery promises. Did your customer receive their shipment with the correct items, on time, at the right location, and when they expected it?

Without an industry standard for OTIF, different interpretations become an issue. You have to adapt to the variances in what your customers consider to be “delivery on-time and in-full”.

Kuehne+Nagel tailors a road transportation solution to meet the performance metrics that your customers forecast. Reduce the potential for penalties imposed by retailers with services that include:

  • Real-time supply chain visibility from a single platform
  • Quality data and customized reporting
  • Route optimization
  • Improved capacity during seasonal peaks 

Dedicated to your success

Supply chain schedules keep getting tighter, but that doesn’t mean consumer expectations are getting lower. Your customers want answers right away, especially when their shipment is urgent.

With our retail control center, a logistics professional is always within reach. Customer service and key account teams have the expertise to scale quickly and adapt to changes on the fly. As an extension of your business, we work with you on route optimization and risk mitigation that matches where and how you ship.

Big box without big hurdles

Working with big box retailers has its unique challenges. From penalties for missed delivery windows to sharp seasonal upturns, the pressure to meet obligations is high. A tailored road strategy from our retail logistics specialists focuses on meeting OTIF scores while boosting your speed to market advantage.

Use our experienced team to prevent late deliveries—and the ensuing penalties—for 100% vendor routing guide compliance. We establish advance delivery times, actively monitor shipments and course correct whenever there’s a risk of delay.

Through our Transportation Management System (TMS), you have access to:

  • Full shipment visibility
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Predictive analytics

Lower your cost per unit and meet strict retailer parameters with freight route optimization that reduces transit times. Real-time visibility allows for improved planning and more informed decision making at every touchpoint in your supply chain.

Because of established carrier partnerships, we are able to negotiate locked-in pricing. That means you can scale up, secure capacity, and maintain high OTIF numbers—all at favorable rates. Whether managing seasonal peaks, market changes or new product launches, you don’t pay more to deliver on-time. 

Consumers drive how we shop. It’s up to us to keep supply chains ahead of the curve.

Alex Mansolino, Director Key Account Business Development – Road Logistics