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The airport tarmac has often been considered the ‘black hole’ of the supply chain. Our airside solutions help mitigate risk and keep your urgent cargo moving.

Airside for Aerospace

Does your aircraft need an instant delivery of mechanical parts? Need help managing oversized shipments? With our global collaborative network, FAA-certified mechanics, and access to any US airport upon request, we can help.

With Airside Logistics, benefit from:

  • Reduced ground time of your aircraft, and more time in the sky
  • Improved service for your customers, thereby preventing potential loss in revenue
  • Someone on the ground and planeside to ensure, through hands-on intervention and full documentation, that your sensitive cargo is being loaded and unloaded properly
  • Trained and government-certified staff who can expertly manage oversize equipment such as engines and other mechanical parts
  • Hands-on services, such as rigging, loading/unloading and engine stand conversions

KN PharmaChain+Airside Logistics Solutions

What if you’re responsible for a shipment of highly sensitive, pharmaceutical or medical cargo? You need a trusted partner on the tarmac overseeing loading and unloading to prevent exposure and temperature excursions.

  • Get in-person, surveyor monitoring
  • Minimize performance issues
  • Improve communication with full visibility and rapid intervention
  • Reduce handling damage
  • Eliminate claims
  • Reduce theft and counterfeiting

Feel free to contact your Airside Logistics expert below with any questions. We look forward to serving you.