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Back What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface) technology connects applications with external systems to communicate and complete tasks. While APIs vary, their common purpose is to create functionality that isn’t inherently available in the existing system.

In the eCommerce world, retailers of heavy goods might use freight APIs to give online customers real-time shipping costs and reduce shipping cart abandonment. Most LTL transportation APIs assist with similar transactional tasks, such as rate quoting, shipment tracking, and pick-up requests.

API providers

Transportation software vendors build individual and comprehensive supply chain APIs as part of their product offering. Working with a software vendor lets you access one API that services multiple carriers.

Carriers sometimes provide API logistics services, typically as value-added options. One drawback may be that you are limited to dealing with a singular carrier.

Transportation partners offer a collection of supply chain APIs that have added value and cost savings. They can also manage all of your APIs, which saves you time and resources.

Kuehne+Nagel designs, implements and supports APIs made specifically to optimize your transportation services.  

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