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Opening a hotel on time demands a supply chain that’s totally reliable, yet capable of managing a high level of complexity. Equipping and servicing the hotel and meeting the needs of its guests involves coordinating the schedules and actions of numerous diverse suppliers and other third parties – often located in different parts of the world. This advanced level of synchronization requires meticulous planning and dependable, expert implementation.


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Customers of Kuehne + Nagel can rely on the proven expertise and experience of its hotel logistics specialists.  We design and manage these challenging processes for you, regardless of where you are, and the complexity of your business needs. The specialist services we provide range from the design of logistics models, through coordinated operational and storage services, to assistance with freight budgets.

In addition to these specialist services, our hotel, leisure and tourism customers naturally benefit from the wider range of Kuehne + Nagel’s logistics capabilities. These include our globally networked IT systems for sophisticated, real-time information management; versatile, company-owned storage facilities; and in-house customs brokerage and insurance services – to name just a few.

hotel logistics services

Our specialists design, develop and execute turnkey logistics solutions for luxury hotel and casino projects. We support new builds and refurbishments, as well as providing sophisticated replenishment services.

We maintain relationships with 5 star hotel operations, hospitality procurement companies and luxury amenity distributors. Our clients testify that we stand out as the most professional and knowledgeable firm in the market. We have to ensure that our customers are making the right choice of logistics partner, and we do this  by delivering a consistently reliable and high quality service.

As a leading global logistics provider, Kuehne + Nagel delivers one of the broadest service ranges in the industry and is the undisputed market leader in the realm of Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment (FF&E) installations. Over the past ten years, several thousand guest rooms have been installed by our Hotel Logistics experts in 20 different countries.

We pride ourselves on our unique service portfolio which includes:

Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment (FF&E)

You manufacture case goods or loose furniture, decorative lights, bedding, artwork, TVs/electronic displays, safes/minibars or bathroom accessories. We organize packing, pick-up, delivery and installation in the most economical way. Leave the customs paperwork and procedures to us: it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Logistics Management & Expertise (LM&E)

You finance, plan and scope the project. We provide a proven process to develop and manage your supply chain, ensuring your budget works harder for you to deliver the project on time. How? Simply by reducing redundancies in your supply chain

Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E)

You supply cosmetics, amenities and accessories, textiles and bedding, glass- and bar-ware, room items, small appliances and back-of-house equipment.

We provide both dedicated project solutions and non-project warehousing and distribution services, designed to reduce supply-chain complexity, inventory and logistics costs while service levels are optimized.

Gaming Supplies & Equipment (GS&E)

Time is money, especially on the casino floor. We provide safe, just-in-time deliveries of table games, electronic games and accessories.

We will collect from your doorstep, then team up with carpenters, electricians or signage/displays companies to ensure that products come together as and when needed.

Building Materials & Equipment (BM&E)

You are responsible for progress with building, and must ensure availability of materials. We ship and store all building materials -- wires, pipes, tubes, fixtures, equipment, appliances and even pre-constructed walls, floors and ceilings.

We will simplify the coordination between contractors, and ensure that material and equipment are available when needed to safeguard your construction timeline.

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You need full visibility and monitoring of your shipments; our globally networked information system gives detailed, near real-time tracking data for all your cargo movements, plus much more. Learn More

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For total peace of mind, we offer a unique insurance solution through our in-house broker, NACORA.

Avoid sleepless nights and anxiety about unforeseen circumstances disrupting transportation, warehousing and installation.

Our additional product and services

KN RoomReady your hotel room in a box. 

KN Gallery - full transparency for FF&E installations.

Online Shop Solutions - e-commerce solutions for hotel operations.

Hotel Logistics Offices

Kuehne + Nagel's network of highly experienced hotel logistics experts spans Barcelona, Cancun, Dubai, Hanover, Hong Kong, London, Macau, Male, Mauritius, Miami, New Delhi and Singapore.

Hotel logistics in alignment with the Kuehne + Nagel Environmental Policy is committed to offering environmentally sound, sustainable and innovative supply chain solutions that continually reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainability considerations form an integral part of our strategy and decision making.

For information on how Kuehne + Nagel can support your requirements, please contact us.