Intermodal shipping

Your challenge

You have shipments with the following criteria:

  • They need to be transported over a long distance (ideally >400 miles)
  • They are of any weight
  • They are not very time sensitive
  • 60+ field offices

Our solution

In order to save costs for you we suggest an intermodal solution: for most of the journey your shipment will be transported via railroad. We are one of the few nationwide intermodal marketing companies (IMC), which allows us direct access to all six class 1 railroad companies in the US and Canada. Needless to say, your shipments will be transported door-to-door. A trusted trucking partner (checked regarding insurance, background checks of drivers, accidents, etc.) will pick it up at your doorstep and deliver it to the destination.

All types of equipment:

  • 53’ Domestic Containers
  • 53’ Domestic Trailers
  • 20’, 40’, 45’  International Containers
  • Temperature Controlled Trailers
  • Flat Racks
  • Bulk Tank Equipment
  • 45’ International Containers



  • Door-to-door or ramp-to-ramp  intermodal solutions
  • Extensive drayage network
  • Specialized freight incl. oversized and temperature controlled shipments
  • Variable cost models for sales and operation (transactional, RFPs, Bids)



Intermodal cycle process chart

Intermodal cycle cargo process chart