Nadine Jones – New Initiative Announcement

(Jersey City, NJ) In the fight against systemic racism and inequality, silence and inaction are not options for us. Therefore, as the first of many action steps, we are proud to announce:

Nadine Jones, VP Corporate Counsel in the US, will be serving as the Executive Director for The Initiative for the Advancing of the Blue and Black Partnership. With support from Howard University, this initiative will focus on the following:

  • Developing a new vision and roadmap for police reform, with a focus on a healthy, equitable, and high-functioning community policing model.
  • Rebuilding the relationships between the black community and police by funding community initiatives, and procuring additional financial support for Howard University's Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center.

We want to support our communities by championing our best and brightest to help make them better. And this is why we will be fully backing Nadine during this time. By leading by example, Nadine is demonstrating that words are not enough. When societal changes need to be made, action is required.

Please join Nadine, and us, in our efforts towards a more harmonious and equal society, by continuing to educate, talk, and actively speak out against racism whenever possible.

Thank you, Nadine!