‘Seas’ the bay in Boston.

Find yourself at the center of the seafood world at the annual Seafood Expo. This year, learn about the newest innovations to grow your business and source the highest quality of seafood and services.

What’s more important than having quality seafood products? Every second matters, especially with time critical items that need to be shipped. This is where we have you covered. Keep promises to the high expectations of your customers and let them experience "the true taste of the oceans". No matter if your seafood is live, fresh or frozen.

Address your seafood logistics challenges with services like:

  • Pre-cooling, re-icing or cross docking as part of a powerful network combined with operational excellence for any stage of your supply chain
  • Excellence in data analysis respecting customer-specific insights at strategic way points during transit
  • Authority handling, quality control and delivery from standard shipping to complex value chain integrations

Interested in learning more? Meet us at the Seafood Expo 2018. We speak Fish Logistics.

Here: Seafood Expo 2018

Seafood Expo 2018