KN Fresh Chain USA

KN FreshChain

Got temperature-sensitive goods that need to special care?

Whether you have flowers, dairy products, fish, or fruits, we’ve got you covered.


From origin to final destination, your products are ensured fresh and intact, door-to-door…

…Because KN FreshChain is designed to provide end-to-end care through special temperature-controlled packaging solutions, and additional services such as shrink-wrapping, repacking, labelling, and barcoding.

What else can you expect?

  • Dedicated facilities at major hubs
  • Capacity agreements on numerous lanes
  • Shipment visibility
  • Specialized industry knowledge

A one-stop shopping concept. Need additional services?

  • Operational excellence and expertise
  • Customized airfreight value-added services
  • Monitoring and management
  • Specialist market focus

All across the world, our specialists are ready for your products. With industry expertise in temperature-sensitive requirements and climatic variations, you’ll have a portfolio of resources in your hands.