Cargo Booking Online with Air Freight Tracking

Obtaining quotes, placing bookings and tracking shipments is a time-consuming process that causes a significant drain on resources – and both time and resources are precious in today’s world. With KN FreightNet, Kuehne + Nagel has simplified matters and created an online solution that makes placing air freight orders faster and easier than ever before.

KN FreightNet gives you everything you need to manage your air freight shipments in one place. With easy-to-use navigation and clearly structured menus, you gain greater control over how and when you book.

Book cargo online for instant quotes with built-in automatic price calculation. If booking relevant information needs to be changed from your previous quotation, 
KN FreightNet will instantly recalculate the prices for three different airfreight services.

Binding quotes in just
a few seconds

Simplify your shipping with KN FreightNet,
our new, online air freight solution. With
KN FreightNet instant quotations are just
one click away.

Use KN freightnet for cargo booking online for all air freight shipments.

Taking online booking to a
whole new level

KN FreightNet offers you the ease, efficiency and convenience of an online solution - while ensuring reliability and outstanding customer service. Discover today how much your company can save in time and effort tomorrow.

Use KN FreightNet Tracking to track your air freight shipment.

Giving you full visibility,
tracking and control

24 hour door-to-door is provided by our industry-leading KN FreightNet solution, enabling you to view planned and actual shipments.