When it comes to perishables, airfreight is "the only way". 

Whether you are a food producer or distributer, our air perishables solutions resolve the demand challenges that you face supplying fresh food in an economic, expedited and efficient manner.

Temperature and time-sensitive cargo require specific handling with the highest care. Whether it is fruits, vegetables, fish or meat - we provide the freshest route from point A to point B.

Our specialists at CFI have extensive knowledge of cargo temperature requirements, global expertise in climatic variations, and access to a wide range of value-added services. Strategically located around the U.S. – they ensure that your precious cargo is fresh, every step of the way.

Cargo&Services Cargo that we Handle Key Features and Services
     Benefits of working with CFI: 
  • Access to 40+ domestic and global airlines
  • Delivery to your door, no matter where it needs to go
  • Tracking coverage 24/7 with computerized inventory control
  • High Humidity Forced Air Cooling to rapidly cool cargo
  • Expertise in fumigation and phytosanitary solutions
  • Electronic document submissions for speed and accuracy
  • USDA PPQ and quality control inspections
  • Value-added Services such as packaging, sorting and labeling