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  • Time guaranteed and price defined Express Services to and from most global point pairs
  • Fixed schedules with prime carriers

  • 1,500+ direct consolidations per week
  • 150 destinations served with multiple uplifts
  • Over 700+ full aircraft charters per annum
  • Private capacity on key lanes
  • Top Tier IATA ranking
  • Cargo IQ certified


Air Freight Solutions



Delivering your cargo quickly and reliably via an air carrier's prime express product

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Premium service to combine your requirements for fast, day-defined delivery

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Optimized uplift offering cost-effective service for cargo with flexible transit times

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Air logistics specialized and time-defined solutions



Urgent cargo requirements using the fastest transit time with shipment cycles planned and proactively monitored

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Urgent cargo requirements using the fastest transit time with shipment cycles planned and proactively monitored


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The fusion of transport modes enables the economy of the sea with the speed of the air to give you a cost effective solution from Asia

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Our Aircraft On Ground service offer dedicated and trained Aerospace logistics staff globally with 24/7 proactive monitoring

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Industry value-add solutions


KN EngineChain

Built on strict regulated processes offering three service levels based on priority and speed, which are AOG, Critical and Routine.

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KN InteriorChain

Dedicated aircraft interiors modular solution designed to cover all logistics requirements through the entire lifecycle of materials used in aircraft interiors.

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KN Finished Vehicle Logistics

Sophisticated solutions for smooth and timely transportation of your Automotive vehicle.

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KN FreshChain

One-stop shopping for temperature-sensitive cargo, such as cut-flowers, plants, fish, meat and flower bulbs.

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Solutions inspired by you

We continue to invest millions in deploying a single global operating system.

Your shipment data is captured, accurate, and standardized in every location.

Discover the new myKN – your one-stop solution for non-stop control

Introducing myKN: The new logistics and supply chain solution that empowers you to easily get quote, book and track your shipments online - all in one place.

Quote, Book, Track, Explore – myKN has it all in one place

No matter the size of your company, sometimes managing all your shipments can become quite a challenge. myKN combines all you need to get a quote, book and track your shipments in one place in a responsive and customizable environment.

“Tired of waiting for quotes? Need more control over your shipments? Want to get instant notifications on all events right on your screen? Try myKN now and benefit from all the new features and tools.”


All Kuehne + Nagel air freight forwarding solutions and cargo shipments are planned, controlled and measured according to Cargo iQ procedures, so your shipments are monitored door-to-door within our network, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Kuehne + Nagel air cargo services are spanning not only key international routes but also individual transportation solutions to the more remote parts of the planet.

The Kuehne + Nagel organization offers a dynamic suite of air freight services and products.  The flexibility and depth of our global organization, coupled with the expertise of our staff here in the United States and around the globe afford us the ability to develop and offer a comprehensive service portfolio to service your air freight needs.

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